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A Glimpse into the Future of Moonie Moo NFT and ArmoBot


Meet the billionaire cow 'Moonie Moo'

In the world of NFTs, something exciting is happening. Meet Moonie Moo NFT, a special project led by the creator of "Bob the Builder" and "PAW Patrol," Keith Chapman. But Moonie Moo NFT is not just about fun NFT characters, its an evolving TV Cartoon series; it's building a bridge between two kinds of internet: the old one.

Moonie Moo's Animation bible: Journey into Animation and Broadcast

Just few months ago, Moonie Moo announced its partnership with Factory Create, a renowned name in the animation industry. This collaboration has yielded an extraordinary result — a world-class animation bible that lays the foundation for an immersive animated TV series. Co-Founder Martin Aram is now taking the next bold step — pitching the TV series to leading broadcasters in the United States. This move not only underscores Moonie Moo's dedication to delivering the Roadmap they've promised in web3 but also positions the brand as an upcoming player in the television industry.


The 13th of August marked a significant milestone in life of Keith Chapman. Founders Keith Chapman and Martin Aram took center stage on SRF Switzerland, a German-speaking news channel, to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of PAW Patrol, a testament to Keith Chapman's creative genius. This momentous occasion provided the perfect platform for an exciting announcement. Chapman and Aram seized the opportunity to give some sneak peaks of their upcoming TV series, Moonie Moo, to the world. Watch the video here.

Keith and Martin on SRF

Unveiling the Vision

Behind the scenes, Moonie Moo's Team is working tirelessly to bring something revolutionary to the Web3 ecosystem. It's not just about creating NFTs; it's about transforming how we interact with the digital world. The parent company, MXT, is constructing an entire ecosystem that incorporates Discord bot integration, boasting an array of features that are going to be introduced to redefine the Web3 experience.

Moonie Moo NFT's Delightful Touch

As Moonie Moo NFT continues to innovate, Moonie Moo V2 'Pimp my Moonie' Feature is adding a charming layer to the NFT. Holders can customize their Moonie Moo PFP and enjoy sharing with others across social media. Picture Moonie Moo in various poses, holding a "good morning" cup, raising a toast, a beer or working on a laptop. This feature is now open for holders here.

Moonie Moo Holding A Cup

ArmoBot: Super power web3 bot

At the heart of this innovation lies ArmoBot, a Discord bot with a mission. It's not your average bot; it's a data powerhouse. ArmoBot's sales and listing feature has just been released in Moonie Moo Discord Server. Unlike its competitors, such as OpenSea's sales bot, ArmoBot stands out for its unparalleled access to data from all major marketplaces, including Opensea and Blur.

ArmoBot Listings

Working of ArmoBot

ArmoBot is like a little computer program with access to a big database that's built using really special tools. It's server is built with NodeJS, the bot itself is built using Discord.js v15 and Discord's API v9 for talking in Discord. ArmoBot also uses other Third party web3 services such as Alchemy and OpenSea SDK. These tools help ArmoBot collect information quickly and interact in discord.

ArmoBot's Website: Coming Soon

ArmoBot is getting its official website very soon! It's being developed right now and will be available at And the exciting part- ArmoBot BETA version is expected to start rolling out by the end of September 2023. This version will have lots of cool new things for you to try out. In the meantime Team has already launched ArmoBot official Twitter handle

Super-powering communities

But the story doesn't stop there. ArmoBot is getting even cooler. The creator of ArmoBot Armands Balodis has been teasing the community with many cool features. Whether you're comparing listings, sealing deals, analyzing trends, or simply indulging your NFT curiosity, the ArmoBot is set to be a game-changer. ArmoBot Details Imagine having a bot that not only keeps you updated with the latest listings but also empowers you with comprehensive insights and most accurate rarity. ArmoBot doesn't just give you the basics; it equips you with the tools to make informed decisions. Want to know the lowest price for a listing? ArmoBot has your back. This isn't just about saving time; it's about optimizing your NFT journey.

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